Welcome to Storage Switzerland

Why Switzerland when we are NOT in Switzerland and we certainly are not Swiss? 

Because of what the name and nation of Switzerland represents... neutrality. Since 1815, throughout WWI and WWII and on into the 21st century, Switzerland has exercised a governmental policy of neutrality from and towards all nations.  It deals with all nations exactly the same way, showing no favoritism to any particular nation.

In a similar manner, we do business with many different technology vendors, integrators and customers but with the clear understanding that our evaluations, reports and briefings will be factual, candid and neutral, based solely on thorough examination and testing of a technology or product as well as discussions with its current and potential consumers.

Furthermore we accept no compensation from any company until we have properly vetted a technology or product.  As we are not dependent on any one particular company we are able to express our views and analysis honestly and candidly.

While technology assessments of Storage Switzerland, LLC are neutral, we do receive compensation from IT solutions vendors, integrators, and users of those solutions. However, we accept no compensation from any company until we have properly vetted a technology.

The methodology used to vet these technologies has been proven successful in the real world and is supported by a track record of over 90% accuracy in technology selections over the last seven years. Our methodology includes examining a product through briefings, testing and discussions with end users.

Once a technology concept or specific product makes it through our process successfully, we will endorse it, sometimes passionately, through articles, public events and product reviews.

Proverbs 22:1 A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold..