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Storage Switzerland was recently commissioned to perform a head-to-head deduplication test pitting Ocarina Networks against NetApp, two of the leaders in primary storage deduplication. The results were striking: on all data sets tested, Ocarina had better data reduction results. When testing the Ocarina deduplication solution alone, Ocarina was somewhat ahead of NetApp, with anywhere from 0-450% better data reduction.  When comparing NetApp with the complete Ocarina solution, which combines deduplication and compression, Ocarina was ahead, with 181-2573% better results.

As this report will outline and as we have stated in other articles, deduplication by itself has limited value on primary storage, and really must be combined with compression for maximum primary storage efficiency.

In addition, the Ocarina solution was found to be a more flexible option, allowing for multiple policy settings, along with the remarkable ability to easily migrate optimized data to another tier of storage from any vendor. This flexibility translates to lower costs in storage as well as administrator time. In contrast, NetApp was more rigid in its deployment, with little or no migration capability and no method for adjusting jobs based on customer preferences or needs.

It is our view, based on these results, that Ocarina should be a top consideration for enterprises that are managing large amounts of primary storage with near-active data, such as email, documents, graphics, and other files.

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