Based on the benefits NPIV can bring into an enterprise in the virtual world, NPIV and QoS are critical components in extending the ROI of server virtualization. Using NPIV to optimize server virtualization's storage provides an admin with yet another layer of control. This allows the system administrators to more completely understand what and how they are delivering to their customers from a virtualization perspective and provides the much needed layers of metrics that possibly don’t exist in the I/O layer of the overall virtualized storage environment today.

While NFS and iSCSI have gained the attention of those selecting a storage protocol strategy for server virtualization, fibre channel should continue to be a top consideration. The choice of fibre channel storage for server virtualization will yield uncompromised I/O performance, supporting the highest server consolidation ratios. The use of NPIV gives storage administrators VM level I/O visibility for application level I/O performance tuning, troubleshooting and accounting.

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