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How To Design a 2 Million IOPS Storage Architecture

In order for databases to scale, virtual environments to become denser, and analytics to become more real-time, storage performance needs to scale. That means designing storage architectures that not only meet the needs of today's applications but also the needs of applications yet to be created.

In this webinar experts from Storage Switzerland, Brocade, Emulex and Violin Memory discuss the four steps to designing a storage architecture that meets the demands of today's data center and tomorrow's. You will learn how to implement a single architecture that will provide the hundreds of thousands of IOPS needed for today's databases and virtual environments as well as millions of IOPS needed for tomorrow's real-time applications that personalize themselves to the user.

Also in this webinar Storage Switzerland and the participating companies discuss their latest lab test that validates a configuration that ran at greater than 2 Million IOPS and what the relevance of that test is to data centers of all sizes. All pre-registrants to this event will receive an advanced copy of Storage Switzerland's latest lab report "Designing a 2 Million + IOPS Architecture -- Brocade, Dell, Emulex and Violin Memory Systems Deliver 2 Million IOPS".

All viewers receive a copy of Storage Switzerland's Lab Report "Designing a 2 Million + IOPS Architecture".