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Using the Cloud To Solve The SMB

VMware Backup Problem

-- Why Protect Your VMs in the Cloud? --

  1. BulletAutomated Off-Site Of Virtual Machines

  2. BulletGeographic Separation From Production VMs

  3. BulletAnywhere, Anytime Access

  4. BulletLower Total Cost of Ownership

  5. BulletThe Cloud Security Issue is Solved

  6. BulletCloud Integration is key

As the SMB data center becomes increasingly virtualized the limitations of legacy backup solutions set in and the IT administrator is left scrambling for a more VM-aware backup solution. What they often find is complicated, expensive solutions that were designed for the enterprise not for the unique requirements of the SMB. The virtualized SMB needs a data protection solution that can leverage the cloud so they can provide the same quality of data protection and uptime as larger enterprises.

In this webinar George Crump, Lead Analyst With Storage Switzerland and Bruce Talley, CEO of NAKIVO discuss how to leverage the Cloud to solve the SMB virtual backup problem.