TODAY’s Webinar


One of the core offerings of most Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is providing an online backup offering to their customers. It is one of the first processes that IT is willing to outsource and it is one that can show substantial improvement when monitored and managed full time. Many MSPs have settled into a existing backup offering and new MSPs may opt for the status quo.

In this webinar George Crump, Lead Analyst of Storage Switzerland and Neal Bradbury, VP of Business Development at Intronis, will explain the five weaknesses of MSP Backup Software solutions and then provide guidance on how to fix them. Those weaknesses include lack of:

1. Platform Coverage including online applications and VMware

2. Storage Flexibility both for the customer and the MSP

3. Performance – For Cloud Backup and Recovery, performance matters

4. Protection of the protected data

5. MSP Visibility - MSPs must show value while running their business

During this webinar MSPs will learn more about these problems and get steps on how to fix them.

MSPs - The 5 Weaknesses Of Your Online Backup Offering And How To Fix Them