What’s your Cloud Storage Strategy

– Answering The Top Ten Questions


The cloud is a once in a decade disruption. IDC say the cloud market will be $44bn by 2013. Just as every company needed a client-server strategy in the late 1980’s and a web strategy in the late 1990’s every CxO needs a cloud strategy today.

George Crump, Lead Analyst and Cloud Storage specialist at Storage Switzerland will be joined by Ian Howells, Chief Marketing Officer at StorSimple as they answer the top ten questions being asked by IT management about cloud storage.

This presentation will look at the benefits of the cloud and potential strategies for embracing the cloud. By attending this session you will hear a cloud expert present on:

  1. 1.What are the benefits of cloud storage?

  2. 2.How do you connect to the cloud for storage and what are the pros and cons of various approaches?

  3. 3.How do I get high-performance cloud storage and what are the pros and cons of various approaches?

  4. 4.How do I maintain security when I store content in the cloud?

  5. 5.How do I maintain WAN performance when I am managing large volumes of content?

  6. 6.How do I get High-Availability in a cloud storage environment?

  7. 7.How do I get Disaster Recovery in a cloud storage environment?

  8. 8.How do I reduce storage cost in a cloud storage environment?

  9. 9.How do I reduce cost in a cloud-based Disaster Recovery environment?

  10. 10.How do I make this application specific?

All attendees will receive an advanced copy of Storage Switzerland’s Cloud Storage Go To Guide.

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

1:00pm CT

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