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SSD on a Budget? Making the most

of a $50k Flash Investment

Solid State Storage has established itself as the go-to storage technology for solving the performance issues typically faced by databases, virtualized servers and virtualized desktop environments. As a result the industry has flooded the market with an almost overwhelming number of both all-flash and hybrid flash-based solutions to address that challenge. Most of these solutions are expensive and require that you throw out your current investment and switch to the new technology entirely.

But if you have a budget to adhere to these kinds of ‘forklift’ upgrades aren’t always feasible. The costs to achieve the performance benefits of flash can be a major constraint. In this seminar, led by Storage Switzerland’s Lead Analyst George Crump and Len Rosenthal, SVP of Marketing from Astute Networks, you will learn how to best leverage flash on a budget of less than $50K.