According to Sr. VP Gene Fay, the Powered by Nine solution is a fraction of the cost of current alternatives, many of which must be hosted on tier 1 storage hardware. He said the design objectives were to make a scalable, reliable and comprehensive online data protection solution that was cost effective and easy to implement and use. They had to have a product with the kind of cost structure and operational simplicity that would enable their reseller partners to turn a profit, but still offer a competitive solution in a crowded market.

The Nine Technology storage cluster has virtually unlimited scalability; the hard-coded max is actually 100 Zetabytes - that’s 100 million Petabytes. It protects data integrity with a RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent Nodes) architecture, plus has features like global, block-level deduplication (with compression), encryption, remote restore and open file support. Given the SMB end user base they’re targeting, Nine Technology’s partners can run into consumer-grade backup products being sold to businesses. But with this kind of enterprise-class functionality and compelling price points, Powered by Nine puts them in a position to dominate these opportunities.

Nine Technology has recently established a relationship with iMation which will OEM the  RDX portable hard drive to be included with their on-site storage appliance. This provides a number of key advantages for Nine Technology’s partners. It gives them an effective data protection solution to sell to end users who aren’t ready to move ‘to the cloud’. The Powered by Nine solution with RDX can give them a single box that backs up their data locally and allows them to take it off-site manually, in a format that’s designed for transport. In this way they can improve the data protection their end users get without changing their process - something that’s appealing to all business people. When they’re ready to move to the online mode, they simply point their backup appliance to the partner’s cloud.

Storage Switzerland’s Take

Nine Technology has designed a pretty compelling solution for a problem that most companies in their target space have - simple, effective data protection. Plus it’s cost competitive for the end user and profitable for the channel. The ‘hybrid cloud’ model is clearly the right approach for the online data protection use case and the SMB market is the segment that needs a ‘set and forget, pay as you go’ solution the most. Adding RDX to the package just makes the whole thing better. What’s not to like about this offering?

Briefing Note

Eric Slack, Senior Analyst

Nine Technology is not a client of Storage Switzerland