Lab Report

George Crump, Senior Analyst

The below video of the process that shows the entire restore in real time.

A Production Filer

The Filer is now fully in production and we use it throughout the day, as well as continue to send backup jobs to our other Nasuni Filer volume. Our consumption of capacity continues to grow as the use does, but we are seeing excellent optimization rates from the Nasuni software as well, seeing 67% reduction on files that are not very redundant.

Nasuni is a client of Storage Switzerland

We are using the Filer in a mixed environment. While the bulk of our production work is done on Mac’s we often need to double check how the content looks in Windows. Thus far we have seen no issues moving between platforms even though Mac is not an officially supported platform.

Storage Switzerland’s Take

I continue to be impressed with not only the ease of use of the product but also the performance and stability. While we have yet to do a formal performance benchmark we have seen no noticeable performance difference between this and other NAS devices in the lab. We will do some performance testing later but for now it has been a non-issue for us. The stability as we mention in the video has been rock solid. We have had no downtime on the VMware host for over a month now.

- Recovering With Cloud Snapshots