I began working with Unitrends years before Storage Switzerland was even an idea in my mind and even back then they were at the forefront of dealing with this off-site of disk backups issue. It started by creating stand alone transportable drives that could be moved off-site, evolved into one of the simplest and cost effective replication strategies and now with their Vault2Cloud option has reached a complete suite of offerings for businesses of any size.

The first challenge with leveraging cloud storage for business backups is getting that initial backup complete. We typically call this initial backup seeding. While building the initial seed for a laptop backup directly over an internet connection is fine, trying to build a seed over the internet for a server could take days if not weeks. Unitrends handles this by shipping to you a seed drive so that the initial vault can be at local transfer speeds. It can come in the form of a single drive if your backup is small enough or they can ship you an archiving appliance that can hold up to 4 drives worth of capacity.

With the seed hardware in place the only step left is to designate which clients you want to have the ability to Vault2Cloud and perform a full backup job that creates the seed. With that job complete we packed up the drives in a Unitrends provided shipping box and Fed-Exed to their cloud facility.

The next day our data was loaded onto the Unitrends cloud and we were ready to start remote vaulting. As you can see from the below video that process couldn’t be more simple. Just run your normal backup job and the Unitrends software automatically starts replicating to their cloud the moment the backup completes.

Lab Report Update

George Crump, Senior Analyst

Unitrends is a client of Storage Switzerland

- Vault2Cloud

The replication process that Vault2Cloud uses leverages deduplication and compression to maximize internet bandwidth. As a result even with our lacking internet connection the replication process moves right along as you can see below.

Our first pass of the Vault2Cloud functionality provided by Unitrends has been flawless. Data is replicated to their facility automatically without any extra steps required from the client. It uses a highly efficient deduplication and compression capability to make sure that only unique data is transmitted which conserves bandwidth. For businesses that don’t have a secondary site or don’t want the cost of maintaining one or simply have a compliance issue to get data out of their own corporate facilities, the Unitrends Recovery appliances provides as simple of a way to accomplish the task that we have seen.

Look for more testing in a few weeks, including more simultaneous replication jobs as well as data recovery.