PeerCollaboration is an enterprise level solution that provides real time distributed file locking and synchronization between geographically separated users. Shared files (designated at the folder level) are automatically replicated between file servers at each location in real time so that the changes made at any location are propagated to other locations. Files are encrypted via SSL and only changed segments of each file are actually transferred over the WAN, to reduce bandwidth problems.

File Migration

With the growth in unstructured data, many organizations are implementing NAS systems, like NetApp, and have a collection of file servers in one or multiple locations that need to be consolidated. To be successful this migration operation requires a more sophisticated process than “copy *.*”, especially with bandwidth restrictions that are involved with remote locations. PeerMigration provides a comprehensive file migration solution for Windows to Windows, Windows to NetApp and NetApp to NetApp environments.

Storage Switzerland’s Take

Even with this kind of file system consolidation the days of ‘sweeping the floor’ into a  single storage platform are in the past for many organizations. Mixed storage environments are becoming the norm and users need solutions that can bridge NetApp systems and Windows file servers, enabling data to flow freely between them. In addition, companies need a solution to support user collaboration and file sharing locally and in geographically dispersed locations. Products like these from Peer Software are cost-effective solutions to these basic productivity challenges -  that don’t involve email.

Eric Slack, Senior Analyst

Briefing Note

Peer Software is not a client of Storage Switzerland

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