D-Link has also developed a volume virtualization package to go with these arrays. This technology enables instant storage access and simple capacity expansion without disrupting existing hosts. It can improve performance by spreading a volume across all available spindles and increases disk utilization. And the flexibility of storage virtualization can significantly reduce management overhead.

Storage Swiss Take

The first question that comes up is “Does D-Link really do anything with this product to make you choose it over the dozens of other storage alternatives in this space?” I’d have to say “yes”. Their architecture makes sense and seems to provide enough power to sustain future capacity and connectivity to deliver that performance. And the virtualization package is something unexpected from a mid-market product. For current D-Link customers this is a pretty safe bet when it’s time to buy storage. For others, D-Link’s networking history and $1B size can remove some of the questions that typically come with a ‘new’ storage company.

Eric Slack, Senior Analyst

SNW Briefing Note

It is April and that means that Storage Switzerland is once again at Storage Networking World (SNW). This spring we find SNW in Santa Clara, California, the home of much of the storage industry. As a result this year we have a record setting number of briefing meetings as well as a speaking session on solid state storage specmenship.


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