Recording media is inherently imperfect, so we’ve used error correction technologies to overcome those imperfections. As a storage technology progresses its density increases. Making electronics smaller is the primary strategy for most improvements, including expanding capacity. In the SSD space this means wafers are getting thinner and the lithography continues to shrink, putting more traces on each square mm of silicon. But this causes bit errors at the substrate level to also increase, meaning more must be done by the device to compensate. There’s a lot going on under the covers to make sure that SSDs have the reliability and longevity you expect - which they do. This is nothing new to the electronics industry and users certainly don’t need to understand the myriad processes that SSD designers and NAND fabricators employ. But it does underscore the amount of technology that’s involved and shows the importance of selecting a strong SSD manufacturer.

Eric Slack, Senior Analyst

SNW Briefing Note

It is April and that means that Storage Switzerland is once again at Storage Networking World (SNW). This spring we find SNW in Santa Clara, California, the home of much of the storage industry. As a result this year we have a record setting number of briefing meetings as well as a speaking session on solid state storage specmenship.


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