Reseller Services


Speaking Services - We can provide Subject Matter Expertise to your next event. We have been highly rated for our speaking at seminars, webinars and panel discussions.

We have done sessions on Storage, Virtualization and Cloud Services. The content is all customized to your product and services focus.

Sample Topics:

  1. BulletEMC just added Solid State Disk as an option for their Storage solutions. Is this technology right for you? How do you take advantage of it?

  2. BulletNetwork Appliance is growing their Deduplication market, when does deduplication make sense?

  3. BulletHow can you enhance your virtualization environment with complete virtualization?

  4. BulletData Domain and NetBackup OST - Why is this important to all NetBackup customers?

It is delivered by a private link that you then email to your customers and link to from your home page OR we can package it up in a PDF / Word Document for your delivery method.

Article Services - Want your own article? We can write an article on a customer success story, a technology strategy or a professional services offering, with our own Storage Switzerland style that is available exclusively on YOUR web site..

The Storage Report Service - Need a better excuse to stay in touch your customers and prospects? Our customized Storage Report allows you to send fresh up to date information twice a month to your customers and prospects.

This is not a newsletter that simply regurgitates your suppliers press releases. This is customized content that talks about what you and your specific suppliers are doing, It is a unique analysis on their solutions and how YOU can fill the gaps to solve customer problems. The content will be unique to our newsletters and exclusive to your area. In addition to unique article content we will also create a series of links that are related to you and your key suppliers.

For example if you only sell EMC, Compellent and Symantec, that’s what your newsletter will have content on. Only sell Network Appliance and VMware? No problem that is what your newsletter will have. Change your business plan and are replacing one of the big guys with Compellent. Done. All future newsletters will focus on Compellent and all the past newsletters will be updated as well.