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Upcoming Webinar: DR Strategies For Hyperconverged Architectures

Hyperconverged infrastructure products promise to bring the best of virtualization to an easy-to-manage platform. One question is what they do to solve one of the greatest challenges modern IT environments have: DR? Virtualization itself has done wonderful things for DR, but hyperconvergence promises to take things further. Is what VMware and Hyper-V offer good enough? If not, is hyperconverged infrastructure the answer? That’s what W. Curtis Preston, Senior Analyst from Storage Switzerland and Mike Lyon, Service Delivery Manager from Scale Computing will discuss in this live webinar....CLICK TO REGISTER

Upcoming Webinar: How and Why to Containerize Your Legacy Applications

Agile IT: it is far easier to say than to implement. But data centers need to make the move to Agile IT so their organizations can survive the digital transformation. At the heart of these efforts are modern DevOps environments that leverage container technology to create applications that are mobile and scale, up or down, as demand requires. The problem is most data centers also have legacy, not containerized, applications that are inflexible and immobile....CLICK TO REGISTER

Upcoming Webinar: Sizing Up Object Storage for the Enterprise

Join Storage Switzerland and Avere Systems for our Live Webinar “Sizing up Object Storage for the Enterprise“. Our goal is to show IT professionals how object storage can be tailored to suit the realities of the traditional enterprise. With the right fit, they can fully realize all the benefits object storage has to offer without adding complexity or wasting time....CLICK TO REGISTER

Upcoming Webinar: The Art of Storage Management

Any organization that takes a moment to study the data on their primary storage system will quickly realize that the majority (as much as 90 percent) of data that is stored on it has not been accessed for months if not years. Moving this data to a secondary tier of storage could free up massive amount of capacity, eliminating a storage upgrade for years. Making this analysis frequently is called data management, and proper management of data can not only reduce costs it can improve data protection, retention and preservation....CLICK TO REGISTER

Upcoming Webinar: Performance vs. Cost - Solving The HPC Storage Tug-of-War

The HPC storage performance tier is well defined: scale-out solid state storage systems. But the capacity tier is up for debate. Should you use a high end NAS file system or make the switch to object storage? More importantly: How do you move data from the performance tier to the capacity tier without placing additional burden on already overworked IT personnel? Join us as experts on HPC, NAS and Object Storage discuss the HPC storage challenge, debate the potential solutions and provide you guidance on how to create the right architecture....CLICK TO REGISTER

Upcoming Webinar: Modern Storage Infrastructures for Modernized Data Centers

Join Storage Switzerland, Micron and Nexenta for our live webinar "Modern Storage Infrastructures for Modernized Data Centers". We will discuss:

* How organizations are leveraging OpenStack, Docker, Splunk and Hadoop to make data centers more agile and competitive

* How default storage architectures limit the potential of modern applications

* How storage needs to change to deliver performance, scaleability and flexibility

* How a modern storage architecture can propel modern applications into new use cases....CLICK TO REGISTER

On Demand Webinar: DRaaS vs. DIY DR - Which is Best For Your Organization?

Organizations are under constant pressure to improve their ability to recover from a disaster while lowering the cost of the disaster recovery process. DRaaS is catching the attention of many IT professionals as a viable way to improve recovery times, lessen data loss and lower costs. But DRaaS may not be the right answer for every organization. In this live webinar Storage Switzerland and Carbonite will explain the differences between DRaaS and DIY DR and how to select the best strategy for your organization....CLICK TO REGISTER

Can Object Storage Help You?

To some, object storage systems have been something off in the distance. Other people may use it, but they’re not sure it really helps them. Add the perceived requirement of changing user behavior and you have a stalemate. But what if object storage can truly solve one or more problems in your data center? Is that possible? Let’s take a look....CLICK TO READ

The ROI of the Thin Provisioned Filer

Clearing out a filer of data that does not warrant the capabilities of a filer can save money in a number of ways. It creates room to grow without buying, managing, replicating, and backing up additional filers. Since a self-protecting object storage system will cost significantly less per terabyte — especially when you factor in replication and data protection costs — the ROI of implementing an object storage solution can be significant....CLICK TO READ

Storage Architectures for Cloud Hosted Applications

Many organizations are adopting a “cloud-first” methodology. This means the first destination an organization will consider when looking at a home for a new application is whether the cloud is a viable candidate to host that application. If the cloud seems viable then IT will often start development work directly in the cloud, with a mindset to always keep the application there. This cloud first strategy presents three challenges that organizations must consider....CLICK TO READ

Meeting Data Security Demands With Object Storage

Data is the lifeblood of every organization. An organization’s data comprises important information such as customer and financial records, internal processes, marketing tactics and strategies, details of products and/or services that it produces. All of this contributes to an organization’s ability to conduct day-to-day business, compete successfully in the marketplace and provide a competitive advantage. Data is key to an organization’s success; it is your treasure, history, unique competitive advantage, customer relationships, etc....CLICK TO READ

What Exactly is Object Storage?

The best approach to understanding object storage is to not overthink it. It is simply another way to access data, then leverage unique IDs generated from the data it stores. While this method requires application updates there are legacy gateways that can bridge the customer to the future. With the “what” of object storage addressed the next question is “why”, which is the focus of our next entry in this series....CLICK TO READ

Can a Deep Archive in the Cloud be Useful?

Cloud NAS makes a lot of sense as it virtualizes a lot of the complexities of using cloud providers by giving customers a simple mount point to write to via the same POSIX-compliant interfaces they already know with NFS and SMB. Customers do need to understand that the local cache needs to be appropriately sized to hold all concurrent workloads, but this is a relatively easy thing to do compared with the complexities of managing the amount of storage they need if they were not using the cloud as deep archive....CLICK TO READ

Putting the Data Monetization Architecture to Work

Data monetization projects are different from industry to industry, but one thing is common to them all: identifying trends found in unstructured data can bring tremendous value to every company. The other common thing that is at the core of each data monetization project is the data. Storing it, protecting it, and easily accessing it are all keys to having a successful data monetization project, and object storage is a great tool for doing just that....CLICK TO READ